Chapter 7. Common problems

Table of Contents
I can't find the man page for XXX
How can I access my SCSI devices?
How do I access my IDE devices?
My SCSI bus locks up when the kernel probes for devices
I displayed a binary file, and now my console is totally screwed up
Can I use both ELF and a.out libraries/binaries in my system?
"less" behaves oddly when I press a key
What are the current major/minor device numbers for /dev/xxx?
How can I tell an a.out binary from an ELF one?
GCC complains that it can't find shared libraries while linking
How do I byte-swap an ext2 filesystem?
My kernel hangs at the login prompt
I just upgraded to 2.1.21 (or later) and modules don't work
Where can I get Linux/m68k on CD-ROM?
How do I patch my kernel?
How do I patch a generic Linux kernel tree to work with Linux/m68k?
How can I get my Jaz drive to work with Linux (or another OS...)?
When I use dpkg or tar, I get messages about a "broken pipe"
What is the current status of FPU emulation?
I can't boot from a ramdisk
I can't execute programs in my current directory
Video Questions
When I try to run the X Window System on 2.0.33, I get an error
Kernel 2.1.X doesn't compile out of the box for me
I get strange crashes with kernel 2.1.X and two IDE drives
Internationalization questions
I installed glibc and now I get errors about undefined references.
ps and top do not display the associated tty numbers, just a '?'.
"make menuconfig" does not work!
How do I use the loop-back device?
Floppies and modules
Why is there so little information on the web about the BrandX port?
How do I use my mouse in X or with GPM?
My English isn't very good. Can I read this FAQ in my native language?
How do I uncompress the pre-compiled kernels outside of Linux?
Where's Netscape for Linux/m68k?
dpkg problems with 2.1/2.2 kernels
Can I install Debian (or Red Hat) over an existing Watchtower installation?
What's the difference between glibc and libc6?
How do I install the X Window System?
How can I save the kernel messages when the system crashes?
Where can I get an MMU or FPU for my computer?
Should I use Watchtower?

A lot of these no longer apply to new users, but may be of interest to people who have been running Linux/m68k for a while.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have any suggestions for entries, please send them to me.

Note that system-specific questions are in separate sections of the FAQ; you should read this section and the one pertaining to your system (if there is one) before assuming your question isn't answered here. Also note that system requirements are covered earlier in the FAQ.

I can't find the man page for XXX

There is a wealth of Linux documentation out there for the original PC Linux which almost always applies to Linux/m68k. Check out the documentation at your favorite Linux FTP site.

Having said that, if you're using a proper distribution (Debian or Red Hat), you should have man pages for all executable files; file a bug report if the pages are missing.