How can I access my SCSI devices?

To access a SCSI device, you need to know two things: where it is logically located on your SCSI chain and what type of device it is.

Where it is on the chain determines what order it will appear in on the device list. Note that the SCSI ID is what is used to determine location on the chain; this ID will normally be between 0 and 6 (but can be between 0 and 15 if you have an Ultra-Wide SCSI controller).

What type of device it is determines how it is addressed.

Some examples:

Note that to use an external SCSI device, it must be switched on when you boot the system. Also, it is a bad idea to swap removable fixed disks while the system is switched on (it is OK, however, to swap CD-ROMs and tapes, when they aren't mounted).

If you have multiple SCSI controllers, the device assignments will get horribly confusing (there is a logic to it, but it defied my powers of explanation); I recommend reading the boot messages to determine what device addresses are being assigned to each device.