Should I use Watchtower?

From an email I sent to a user who had installed Watchtower:

Using Watchtower is a fundamentally bad idea. It's non-upgradable, unmaintained, old, libc5-based, and the only way to add a new package is to compile it yourself. Fundamentally it's worse than Slackware. And that's saying a lot. Do yourself a huge favor and use Debian or Red Hat; see the distributions page at the Linux/m68k home pages. Complete installation instructions are accessible from there.

For the uninitiated, Watchtower was a completely ancient set of tar files that were useful in assembling a working system. Basically, it was like a non-upgradable version of the Debian base system. Well, you could upgrade it, if manually installing tar files downloaded from phil or compiling sources from Sunsite is your idea of "upgrading." It was primitive, but it was better than what came before it. Don't even ask what we had to deal with with before Watchtower!