Chapter 8. Amiga-specific questions

Table of Contents
Where did all my Amiga's chip memory go?
How do I access Amiga files from Linux (and vice versa)?
My SCSI bus locks up when I want to use my DAT drive
Linux recognizes my Amiga's XXX board, but it doesn't work
Amiboot dies when I start it with VMM running
How do I compile Amiboot and Amiga LILO?
How do I access floppies under Linux?
Can I use an Amiga-formatted partition as my root partition?
Can I run Linux on my Phase5 PowerUP card's PowerPC CPU?
Can I use an IDE doubler with Linux/m68k?
What video modes does my card support?
The Amiga memory device driver (z2ram)
Why can't I cleanly reboot my Amiga with Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga?

Where did all my Amiga's chip memory go?

It's still there, but the kernel doesn't offer it to the user. It is used by drivers that use the custom chips (like floppy, framebuffer, and sound) and for saving the kernel log (with the debug option documented earlier). The z2ram driver can use this memory, but this option doesn't always work right; see below.