Can I run Linux on my Phase5 PowerUP card's PowerPC CPU?

Yes, if you really know what you are doing. Jesper Skov writes:

We released the first beta version of a Linux 2.1.79 port to Phase5's
Amiga PowerUP hardware on January 29 (1998).  A current kernel image
and kernel diffs can be found at:

The kernel is still in a beta state and is not suitable for users. We
just decided it was time that we got some feedback from other hackers
- and to let everyone know that APUS (Amiga PowerUP Systems) support
is a work in progress.

Incidentally, the port has been at its current state for a couple of
months, but we have had some problems with Phase5 that have now been
resolved. Phase5 is very interested in seeing this port completed and
has been very helpful lately. We appreciate this very much.

The APUS specific changes should be merged into the vger tree
RSN. Progress reports will be posted on the m68k kernel list.

I will see to that the m68k FAQ is updated on this subject. Please
refer people to


JEsper on behalf of:

Roman Zippel :
Jes Sorensen :
Jesper Skov  :

There is now an APUS-specific FAQ available on the web at Information on the Linux/APUS mailing list is in the APUS FAQ.

CyberstormPPC cards are reported to be working well; BlizzardPPC cards appear to be more problematic (they seem to work for some people but not for others). Non-Phase5 PowerPC cards will eventually be supported (when/if they ever make it to market).

Also note that Linux/m68k will work fine with the 680x0 series CPU that is also installed on your PowerUP card.