Floppies and modules

(written by Haidinger Walter)

I have compiled floppy support as a module but it doesn't work

Assuming that you have read "Documentation/modules.txt" in the kernel sources and you have already installed the correct version of modutils, you should type "modprobe -c | grep -w major-2"

You should get:

alias block-major-2 amiflop

If it shows `floppy' instead of `amiflop', then the kernel searches for a module named `floppy', which does not exist for Linux/m68k. You have to add the above line to your /etc/conf.modules to assign the proper name. This is also true for some other modules. See the next question for details.

Note: Atari users will want to replace `amiflop' with `ataflop'.

Which aliases do I put to /etc/conf.modules?

The kernel looks for the modules under /lib/modules/. The modules are referenced by name. However, some of the m68k-specific modules have different names from their Intel counterparts. Here is an (incomplete) list:

# file /etc/conf.modules
alias eth0 ariadne # depends on your Ethernet card (or off)
alias block-major-2 amiflop
alias char-major-4 amiga_ser
alias char-major-6 lp_intern
alias char-major-14 dmasound
alias net-pf-3 off      # no ax25 module available (yet)
alias net-pf-4 off      # if you don't use the ipx module
alias net-pf-5 off      # if you don't use the appletalk module

If you have any alias that are missing here, please mail!

Some of these settings may be done automatically by recent versions of modutils.