Chapter 12. Famous last words

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I want to thank everyone who contributed to this FAQ. There are many people who did so by answering questions in the newsgroups or on the mailing list, or by asking the questions. Some sections are marked "written by"; this means that the text was originally written by that person but has been edited by Jörg or myself.

Extra thanks to the following people for their suggestions and submissions:

Thanks also to Christian Jacolot <> for translating this FAQ into French and keeping it updated.

Some credit is also due to J. Michael Straczynski <>, to whom I owe a few of the section titles (but please don't mail him Linux questions...).

The phrase "go home and eat popcorn" (and various derivatives thereof) is a registered trademark of G. Elton Graves, Ph.D. <>; all rights reserved. Don't bother him with Linux questions either.

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