Chapter 2. Introduction

Table of Contents
What is this document?
I'm running Linux/APUS on my Amiga; why should I bother reading this FAQ?
Who Are You? What Do You Want?
Where can I get the latest version of this FAQ?
Is the FAQ available in other formats?
How are FAQ revisions numbered?
What versions of Linux/m68k are covered by this FAQ?
General Linux Questions and Answers
Misconceptions about Linux/m68k
A bit about the Linux/m68k platforms
Who's using Linux/m68k?

What is this document?

This is a copy of the Linux/m68k Frequently Asked Questions file (or FAQ). Since it probably contains errors (typographical and logical), outdated and missing information, and other significant problems, I ask that you send feedback and corrections to me.

What it is supposed to do is answer common questions about Linux/m68k, in the hope (infinitesimal though it might be) that these questions will not be asked again (since they've already been answered here). It is highly advisable to read this FAQ thoroughly before asking questions in the newsgroup, on the mailing lists, or directly; failure to read this FAQ in its entirety may result in either no response or an extremely hostile response to your questions, depending on whom you ask and what mood that person is in.

This FAQ is not intended to serve as an introduction to Linux; nor is it intended to explain how to administer a Linux-based system. To find out more about these topics, please read the standard Linux books and manuals. I particularly recommend Matt Welsh's two books: Linux Installation and Getting Started published by the LDP and available in print from SSC, and Running Linux, Second Edition available from O'Reilly and Associates (cowritten with Lar Kaufman), which expands greatly on the content of the previous book (if you can only afford one Linux book, get this one). See section the section called Books in Chapter 11 for more details.

For other questions about Linux in general, I recommend that you read the Linux INFO-SHEET. This document, along with many others about Linux (including instructions for specific applications), is available at the Linux Documentation Project's home page.