Atari Hardware Support

All models supported, including the Medusa clone. The following Atari models (or clones) have the "right" processor built-in: Atari Falcon, Atari Falcon with Afterburner 040, Atari TT, and Medusa. However, the standard Falcon does not have an FPU built-in (so you will need to add an FPU). Accelerators are available for all Ataris that will upgrade the CPU to an acceptable level; see the section called Processor for the CPU/MMU/FPU combinations currently supported by Linux/m68k.

Note that in some of the older Atari TTs there is a bug in the PAL controlling the access to the FPU. This may cause crashes (see the section called TT-FPU bug in Chapter 6).

Supported built-in hardware:

Linux's Minix FS is compatible with the Minix V2 FS used with MiNT.

Supported RAM cards:

Supported Ethernet cards:

Screen extenders: Screenblaster, Onscreen work, others should work too.

Other peripherals: Atari Laser Printer