Amiga Hardware Support

All models are supported, including the CDTV and CD32, with the exception of the DraCo clone; BoXeR motherboards may work, but have not been tested (and none have been furnished for testing). A3000(T) means A3000 or A3000T tower; A4000(T) means A4000 or A4000T tower. A2000 implies all of the A2000-derivatives (A1500, A2500, etc.). Note that you will need a supported CPU installed.

The following Amigas have an acceptable processor built-in: A2500, A3000, A3000T, A4000/040 (not the A4000/030, which ships with a 68EC030 processor, unless upgraded with an 040 or 060), A4000T/040 and A4000T/060. There has been a report that the last A4000/040s produced by Commodore were shipped with 68LC040's; these computers will not run Linux/m68k unless you upgrade the CPU itself (swap the chip) or swap the CPU card (or use the FPU emulator). All other Amiga models (even the A1000) can have the correct processor (or processors, as needed) added on; see the section called Processor for a comprehensive list of the CPU/MMU/FPU combinations that are supported by Linux/m68k.

You can check whether you have a working PMMU or not using "lawbreaker", a program included in the Enforcer package (available from Aminet).

"Cards" generally refer to Zorro cards, which can be installed in any big box Amiga (and in various tower kits for other models). Some cards here are PCMCIA devices (like those used on laptops), which will only work in the A600 and A1200.

Supported built-in hardware:

All accelerator cards with compatible CPUs are supported (this does not mean that all features of the CPU card, like a SCSI controller, will be available, but the CPU itself should work).

All RAM expansions are supported (but see the section called Amiga with GVP 16-bit RAM in Chapter 6). Non-AutoConfig expansions may not be recognized under all circumstances without a "memory file" (see the section called Amiga with GVP 16-bit RAM in Chapter 6 or the amiboot documentation for details).

Supported IDE cards (experimental):

Supported SCSI cards:

Note: If you have an early A4000/040, read the section called Zorro II DMA Bug on A3640 rev 3.0 in Chapter 6.

Supported Ethernet cards:

Supported I/O cards:

Supported graphics cards (with device names for 2.1/2.2 kernels); see also the Framebuffer HOWTO: