The Linux/m68k Trinity: Hamish, Roman and Jes

The fun and success of Linux on Intel-based systems inspired Hamish Macdonald <> and Greg Harp to port it to another platform: the Amiga. The first version released to the general public was 0.0.5. While 0.0.8 was current, a few enthusiasts ported that version to the Atari and the two versions were successfully merged with 0.9pl3 (this reads version 0.9 patchlevel 3).

After releasing 1.2.13pl3, Hamish handed the coordination of Linux/m68k over to Roman Hodek <>. Starting with Hamish's unfinished 1.3.20 port, Jes Degn Sørensen <> started to work on integrating the m68k stuff into 1.3. With 1.3.94 the majority of the m68k stuff was put into the official kernel tree. Work continues to integrate Linux/m68k with the mainstream kernel. Jes continues to be the maintainer of the kernel.

The present 2.0 series releases are of "production quality" and are suitable for general use on the Amiga, Atari and a number of VME platforms. The versions of the 2.1 and 2.2 series are generally as stable as their counterparts on Intel platforms (probably even more stable, as there is more testing between releases).