Mailing Lists

There is one mailing list for Linux/m68k, which is named linux-m68k. As there is now a newsgroup for Linux/m68k, topics on this list should be restricted to kernel development issues if possible.

(written by Benjamin Lorenz)

You can subscribe to by sending a mail to, with a random subject and a single line in the mail body containing "subscribe linux-m68k". You may want to subscribe to instead: in this case, you will receive one mail per day containing all mails to the list from the last 24 hours. If you prefer to read mail in this way, please unsubscribe from linux-m68k to reduce net load!

You can download archives of the digest mails! They are stored at

Another mailing list archive that supports searching can be found at

The kernel list is also available from as a nntp news feed (nntp:// It is the fifth or so member on the mailing list so it's fast.

Other mailing lists are available for more specialized purposes; I recommend visiting the Linux/m68k Home Pages for further details.