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RoutePlanner for the Amiga

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What is RoutePlanner?

RoutePlanner is a highway trip planner for the Amiga. It allows you to determine a route from one city to another, optionally via some other city or cities. You can see the shortest, fastest, or "preferred" route.

System Requirements

Recommended System


Where can I get RoutePlanner?

You can register RouteEdit and receive RoutePlanner at the same time by following the registration directions below.

You can also download the RoutePlanner archive from your nearest Aminet site:

To use RoutePlanner, you'll also need the MUI 3.3 User Kit (if you don't already have MUI 3.2 or higher). Download it: Note that the current version of RoutePlanner only requires MUI 3.2, but upgrading to 3.3 is still recommended.

You'll probably need to make sure you save to disk if you're using AMosaic or NCSA Mosaic. Netscape and Lynx will (usually) recognize that you are downloading a binary file and let you save to disk.

You may also be interested in reading the latest version announcement, as sent to the comp.sys.amiga.announce moderator.

What databases are available?

RoutePlanner map files are also called databases. Each database includes information on a certain number of cities and the routes linking them.

There are currently three databases included in the RoutePlanner archive: Basic-USA.route, NorthAmerica.route, and Deutschland.route.

In addition, at least one person has contacted me in the hopes of creating a database for the United Kingdom. Considering that GBRoutePlus is priced at UK £29.95, this database would probably present it with some competition.

How do I register RouteEdit?

NOTE: Registrations are not currently being accepted for RouteEdit. My Amiga is currently being repaired, so I can't issue any keyfiles...

There are two different registration options:

  1. Keyfile only: For US $5 or CDN $6, you will receive the keyfile enabling the Save as Locked... requester in RouteEdit by electronic mail (the database is far too large to send by email). If, at any time after registering, you want a copy of the latest complete release on disk, you can receive it for US $5 or CDN $6.
  2. Everything on a floppy: For US $10 or CDN $12, you will receive a copy of the latest release of RoutePlanner on disk, along with a keyfile and your unlocked copy of the NorthAmerica database. Future releases are US $5 or CDN $6 on disk; if you don't need or want the unlocked database, all you need to do is download the latest RoutePlanner distribution from Aminet (or from an Aminet CD-ROM) -- your keyfile is good forever.
I accept U.S. currency, Canadian currency, U.S. personal checks (drawn in U.S. dollars on U.S. banks), cashier's checks (drawn in U.S. dollars), U.S. money orders, and postal orders (in U.S. dollars). I don't currently accept electronic or credit card payment.

Here in the U.S., theft of money from envelopes by postal employees is disturbingly common. If you are sending cash, I recommend that you use a non-translucent envelope and/or place the money inside a folded sheet of paper inside the envelope. I recommend strongly against sending coins (this will be more of a problem for Canadian users).

Before registering, I strongly recommend that you read the RoutePlanner and RouteEdit license agreements, included in the RoutePlanner archive on Aminet. By registering, you imply your consent to abdie by those agreements.

Send your registration fee, along with contact information (your name, postal address, and electronic mail address) to:

Chris Lawrence
P.O. Box 2622
Oxford, Mississippi 38655-7262
United States

Floppy updates are available for registered users without Aminet access. Send either $5 US or $6 CDN to the author for the latest version of RoutePlanner on floppy.

Contacting the Author

Physical mail:
Chris Lawrence
P.O. Box 2622
Oxford, Mississippi 38655-7262
United States
Electronic mail:
If you want to send PGP-encrypted mail, please see my info page for my PGP public key.

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